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Monterey, CA and Reno, NV (PRWEB) April 23, 2013 

New Privato PrivateUSB Combines its PrivateMail with a Secure Mobile Computing Platform from Absolute ID to Keep Communication Secure and Untraceable. All Data Artifacts and Associated Files with Email Session Contained in USB to Eliminate Data Breaches, Espionage and Security Threats

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Privato Security, a leader in secure and private communications, and Absolute Identification, an innovative provider of data protection products and services, today announced a partnership and the release of the Privato PrivateUSB. The Privato PrivateUSB is used as a highly secure, pocket-sized Virtualized Mobile Computing Platform and send/receive device that is contained on a Kanguru Defender 2000TM encrypted flash drive, with a FIPS 140-2 certified, 256-AES hardware encryption module to ensure complete security against unauthorized access.
“Partnering with Absolute ID, we have created the ultimate in private communications without leaving any digital fingerprints,” said Neal Smith, president and CEO of Privato Security. “The PrivateUSB products enable a secure means to communicate privately and safely from any machine in a safe, secure and trusted environment. This provides the government and private sector with a solution that guarantees data is secure and highly available on any host PC - even those that are not trusted while traveling, working offsite or abroad.”
The PrivateUSB can be used with any PC computer having a USB port and Internet connection to send and receive private communication. The bare-metal-boot device boots from the USB drive and uses its own secure OS turning off the host computer’s OS and disk where malware could reside. Once the communication session has ended, the user simply signs off, unplugs the device and leaves with no trace that the host computer was ever used.
“Our secure platform paired with PrivateMail gives users the ability to carry a complete end-user computing environment including secure OS, applications and documents in their pocket,” said Don Ritzman, president and CEO of Absolute ID. “The PrivateUSB product is an ideal tool for remote and traveling staff, as well as telecommuting users who can securely collaborate with colleagues, business partners and customers. The robust platform empowers users who need to distribute mission critical data without the risk of piracy or theft.”
The PrivateUSB product easily and efficiently secures how businesses transmit sensitive communications and files using the simplicity of email. Messages and attachments are automatically encrypted when sent and decrypted when received. Leveraging Privato’s patented technology, the message content, and attachments as well as both the sender’s and recipient’s email addresses, are multi-tier encrypted and completely hidden from the outside world.
Highlights of the PrivateUSB include:

  •     Protects private and personal information that is emailed while travelling
  •     Complements a “bring your own device” (BYOD) environment where security outside the corporate infrastructure is necessary
  •     Assists in data loss prevention (DLP)
  •     Ensures compliant and legal transmission of client and patient information from any computer
  •     Remains untraceable and leave no data artifacts from computing and email sessions
  •     Includes its own stand-alone email client and operating system

PrivateUSB pricing starts at $289.95 and premium models are $779.95. To find out more about Privato Security, the PrivateUSB and the company’s secure email solutions, visit
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About Absolute ID

Absolute Identification, Inc. is an innovative provider of data protection products and services that protect critical data throughout its entire lifecycle. Every Absolute ID solution employs technologies which create sophisticated, highly secure data that cannot be broken, dramatically enhancing data availability, confidentiality, and integrity and prevents unauthorized access or theft of digital data while providing a new total cost of ownership (TCO) for credential management. Absolute Identification, Inc., is headquartered in Reno, NV. For further information about the company, visit
About Privato Security

Privato Security is a leader in secure, private and compliant communications. Privato takes a unique and differentiated approach to security that combines its patented technology with encryption and knowing a users’ identity. Privato’s PrivateMail products operate on a trusted communications channel to ensure that sensitive email, documents and personal information is delivered and received only by the intended recipients. Privato solutions helps organizations across financial services, insurance, healthcare, legal, accounting, government, defense and law enforcement to gain the cost savings and efficiencies of email, while making sure that sensitive correspondence is compliant with growing national and state privacy regulations. More information is available at or follow us at

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