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Kanguru Press Release 4.4.13


Millis Massachusetts - April 4, 2013 - Kanguru has expanded its Defender line of hardware encrypted flash drives to include the new Defender Basic +™, and Defender DualTrust™, making the Kanguru Defenderseries the most secure and convenient USB data protection devices available on the market to fit any budget.


“Kanguru understands the challenges organizations face today when trying to balance security requirements against budget constraints,” states Nate Cote, Vice President, Product Management.  “With the release of the Kanguru Defender Basic+ and the Defender DualTrust, customers have a viable, enterprise level option to address their data protection and secure browsing needs at a very affordable price point. These solutions provide more value to the customer than anything else available in the market today.”



The AES 256-bit hardware encrypted Defender Basic+ brings a new level of military-grade protection to budget conscious PC and Mac users - by offering full remote management capabilities.  Remote management is the smart, easy way to secure portable data and meet security requirements by enabling IT administrators with the ability to track and manage all Defender secure drives worldwide, notify users and roll out policy updates, manage passwords, disable and delete lost or stolen drives, create compliance reports and more.  Managers can conveniently and confidently distribute secure USB drives to staff and employees for conducting business, without compromising security of the data or risking data loss. Kanguru’s remote management solution is available as a Cloud-based SaaS offering or may be installed on a customer hosted, existing enterprise server.

The new Defender DualTrust provides an even stronger protection for individuals within an organization with accounting or financial responsibilities as well as anyone that requires a secure browsing environment; which is built right into the solution.  This handy device is perfect for online bill paying and investing, making purchases, or any other type browsing in a safe environment on any PC.  Best of all, it is protected from viruses, malware or spyware that could “trace one’s steps” in an ordinary browser window.  By bypassing the computer’s operating system, the Defender DualTrust isolates itself, and provides a fresh, secure online session every time. With a generous amount of storage, save your files to  the secure AES 256-bit hardware encrypted drive and take it with you wherever you go, leaving no trace of your session behind on the host computer.


With ever-increasing cyber threats and changing technologies, businesses and households are finding it more and more difficult to keep up and secure private data and intellectual property.  The Kanguru Defender™ family of hardware encrypted drives makes it easy to balance flexibility with security by making it easier and more affordable than ever before.  The Defender Basic+ starts at $34.95, Cloud version of Kanguru Remote Management Console starts at $14.95/device, and the Defender DualTrust starts at $99.95. Kanguru products are available through a global channel of trusted distribution and reseller partners.


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