Remote Management for Secure Kanguru Defender® USB Drives

Kanguru Remote Management is an easy to use, powerful option sold separately that once enabled, works with all Kanguru Defender USB devices, providing IT administrators and security officers with the ability to remotely manage all Kanguru Defender devices from one convenient console anywhere in the world. Delete or wipe lost or stolen drives, audit & generate reports, manage passwords, restrict & enforce policies and much more. Kanguru's remote management options are designed to conveniently work with any organization's security budget and management needs, large or small.

When a supported Kanguru USB secure device is connected to a computer with a network or internet connection, an administrator will be able to view detailed policy information and activity reports about the device. KRMC allows the administrator to monitor where the device is connected and the hostname of the computer. If the administrator has chosen to delete a device's data, the audit function will verify when the remote deletion occurs. An administrator can export audit logs, allowing compatibility with applications such as Excel and databases. User and administrator activities can be logged for various regulatory compliance.

Why Remote Management?

The Kanguru Remote Management Suite enables business owners, IT administrators or Security Officers to remotely track and manage their organizations' sensitive data on portable secure devices from anywhere in the world from a single console.

The Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) is your command center for managing all Kanguru Defender® secure, hardware encrypted flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives significantly reducing or eliminating the risks of a harmful data breach. Organizations can choose between KRMC-Cloud, hosted by Kanguru's world-class, dedicated server, or KRMC-Enterprise, a self-hosted management on their own servers.

Kanguru is your single source for fully-integrated, easy-to-use secure remote IT management options to fit your budget, whether you are a government organization, enterprise, SMB, non-profit organization, or individual looking to simply secure your family's data assets. These robust administrative tools simplify the control and security of your fleet of Kanguru Defender flash drives and Defender HDD/SSD devices anywhere in the world, helping you comply with security regulations, and protect your sensitive information, along with that of customers or clients.

Remote Management Suite

How It Works

With KRMC, a security officer or administrator can track, monitor, enforce, verify, and audit security policies from a central console or web interface to its devices from anywhere in the world. When enabled, a password-protected Kanguru Defender drive configured with KRMC will automatically connect to a remote server when the device is plugged in. The drive checks for pending actions, messages and software updates even before the user logs in. KRMC also allows an administrator to quickly locate a particular drive around the globe. This powerful tool can help organizations comply with high-security regulations, and significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.

Four Powerful Remote Management Options:

Remote Management Enables Administrators to Manage Secure USB Drives Remotely:

  • Track And Manage USB Drives Worldwide from one convenient console
  • Self-Service Password Management
  • Disable/Delete Lost Or Stolen Devices
  • Automatic Global Provisioning
  • Streamlined License Management
  • Configure and Deploy Quickly and Easily
  • Search, Audit and Report on Secure Drives
  • Set Up Online & Offline Permissions
  • Generate Reports
  • Export Audit Logs
  • Manage PasswordStrengths
  • Notify Users And Roll Out Policy Updates
  • Schedule Password Changes
  • Restrict IP Addresses and Domains
  • Enforce Policies

Want to see how KRMC Works?

KRMC (Kanguru Remote Management Console) is a powerful data security system for managing secure USB devices containing sensitive data around the world.

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