Kanguru Defender Elite300 secure thumb drive with physical write protect switchMillis, MA. - December 17, 2015

Kanguru announces the launch of its new Self Service Password Management™ (SSPM) service for Kanguru Defender® line of secure USB flash drives, providing users with a safe, convenient way to reset their own password with ease through registered email accounts if it is ever forgotten.

Everyone can be forgetful from time to time, but for IT administrators of large organizations managing a fleet of secure USB drives around the world, forgotten passwords by end-users could become a dynamic and significant problem.

For an end-user of a non-managed, password-protected USB drive however, a forgotten password could spell disaster by locking them out of the very data they sought to protect, simply because the user cannot remember their password. Self Service Password Management eliminates both of these issues with an easy, convenient recovery method through registered email.

Organizations whose IT Administrators use the Kanguru Remote Management Cloud Console (KRMC) to manage a fleet of Defender Secure Flash Drives can immediately take advantage of this new option within the console to provide end-users the ability to securely reset their own password(s).  This new Self-Service Password Management tool removes the interruption from the administrator's workflow saving time and aggravation, reducing cost and overhead.  Administrators will still be able to maintain full management capabilities, with the ability to select whom, and who cannot reset their own password, along with all of the robust permissions, restrictions, disabling and deleting features that come with managing secure Kanguru Defender Secure Drives with KRMC.


"Administrators and end-users alike will love this new tool," says Nate Cote, Executive Vice President.  "Now rather than forgetful staff members having to approach the overburdened IT administrator each time a password to their secure flash drive is forgotten, they can simply reset it themselves by using Self-Service Password Management, reducing IT overhead."

For non-managed end-users, Kanguru Self-Service Password Management (SSPM) is now available for purchase as an optional service in one or two-year licenses. This provides a secure, easy way to reset the password in the event it is forgotten to regain full access to their secure USB flash drive. 


The following Kanguru Defender USB drives are supported:

  • Kanguru Defender 3000™
  • Kanguru Defender 2000™
  • Kanguru Defender Elite300™
  • Kanguru Defender Elite200™
  • Kanguru Defender Elite30™
  • Kanguru Defender Elite™
  • Kanguru Defender Basic+™

SSPM can be purchased at kanguru.com, with a one-year license at just $6.95 and a two-year license at $9.95.  For more information about Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, Kanguru Remote Management Console or Kanguru Defender Hardware Encrypted USB drives, please visit Kanguru.com to learn more.

Kanguru is a global leader in providing exceptional-quality FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified, TAA Compliant hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, thumb drives, jump drives, pen drives, portable USB storage devices and more. In addition, Kanguru offers remote management applications, duplication equipment, accessories and more. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level secure products and services to enterprise, government, healthcare, organizations and consumers worldwide with easy-to-use, certified IT products and data storage. For more information on Kanguru, please visit kanguru.com.


Don Wright, Marketing Manager
Kanguru Solutions