Kanguru secure firmware thumb drive, flash drive, pen drive, memory stickMillis, MA. - January, 2016  – Kanguru’s AES 256-Bit, remotely manageable hardware encrypted USB drives offer the best protection available to prevent sensitive information from slipping into the wrong hands, whether accidentally or intentionally. But there is actually even more to data protection than just protecting the contents. Kanguru leaves no stone unturned by providing RSA-2048 digitally signed secure firmware to its entire line of Defender® Flash Drives to protect an organization’s network and infrastructure from other possible security risks. But what about use cases that don’t necessarily require the specific usage scenarios of hardware encryption, but still need protection from those security risks? Kanguru offers the FlashTrust, with the same RSA-2048 Bit secure firmware as its encrypted counterparts.

Energy and Utility companies around the world have been using Kanguru Defender Secure USB drives to protect and defend sensitive data. Organizations using Endpoint Security can also whitelist a fleet of Kanguru FlashTrust unencrypted devices dedicated to non-sensitive information, yet establish a powerful barrier against potential malware risks. By only allowing flash drives with secure firmware on a network, utilities can protect their infrastructure from potential threats like “badUSB”.


Why RSA-2048 Digitally-Signed Secure Firmware is a Good Idea

In August of 2014, a group of security researchers posed the potential of a threat to USB technology called “badUSB”. Discovered at a Black Hat event, researchers argued that any USB device including a webcam, printer, a computer mouse, a keyboard or a flash drive from an untrusted source could potentially be tampered and manipulated by a third-party; a savvy hacker that could then be used to deliver harmful malware to a computer network. Although it would be a very difficult thing to do, organizations like energy and utility companies have chosen to be proactive in implementing solutions that help alleviate this potential threat. The new Kanguru FlashTrust Secure Firmware flash drive is designed for those customers and organizations that, while still concerned about security and physical quality, may not require hardware encryption.

How Kanguru Secure Firmware Flash Drives Work

Digitally-signed, RSA-2048 secure firmware is in compliance with NIST requirements for implementation, and works by shutting down entirely if any attempt is made to circumvent it. Any new firmware upload must match the expected security key on the device to successfully load. Self-tests are run at startup of the cryptographic module which handles the firmware security within the USB drive itself that ensure the integrity of the original firmware. If the self-test fails, the device simply will not operate, preventing a potential disaster to the network.

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Kanguru is a global leader in providing exceptional-quality FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified, TAA Compliant hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, thumb drives, jump drives, pen drives, portable USB storage devices and more. In addition, Kanguru offers remote management applications, duplication equipment, accessories and more. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level secure products and services to enterprise, government, healthcare, organizations and consumers worldwide with easy-to-use, certified IT products and data storage. For more information on Kanguru, please visit kanguru.com.


Don Wright, Marketing Manager
Kanguru Solutions