Kanguru Attends Rugged World Technology Event In UK

Rugged World Exhibition - UKMillis, MA, USA, September 28, 2018 - Kanguru attended the Rugged World Technology event with its new UK distribution partner CI Distribution. This highly-successful event is the biggest of its kind in the United Kingdom, and highlights new technologies and innovations in the region.  Kanguru and CI Distribution have partnered to make it easier for organizations across the UK to secure data with robust hardware encrypted devices and remote management security.

The event hosted many fantastic speakers, along with exhibits of market-leaders in IT technology and special guests.

Kanguru exhibited its highly-secure, hardware encrypted Defender® drives in conjunction with its fully integrated remote management capability and on-board anti-virus protection for security-conscious organizations.

Kanguru attends the Annual United Kingdom's Rugged World Information Technology EventKanguru also exhibited RSA 2048, digitally-signed secure firmware drives for protecting infrastructure from malware and third-party tampering.  All Kanguru Defender secure drives are protected with secure firmware. Kanguru was also the first to introduce the Kanguru FlashTrust, the first innovative non-encrypted drive with the same RSA-2048 secure firmware as their Kanguru Defender drives, for organizations that may not require the hardware encryption but want to protect their networks. The FlashTrust is ideal for organizations who wish to whitelist trusted USB devices with Endpoint Security.

Together, Kanguru and CI Distribution are working to help UK organizations easily secure data, maintain compliance with GDPR as well as other high-security regulations, and sustain a highly-protected network infrastructure.