Kanguru Introduces New Hard Drive/SSD with Physical Write Protect Switch

Kanguru, an industry leader in providing high-quality data storage products, announces the release of a new family of TAA Compliant USB3.0 external drives that feature a physical write protection switch. The Kanguru UltraLock™ series of external HDDs and SSDs are pocket-sized, rugged drives that feature lightning fast USB3.0 connectivity, generous capacities of up to 4TB, and a physical write protection switch.

“Considering the myriad of benefits to a physical write-protect switch, it is surprising that outside of a handful of flash drives, there are practically no external drives on the market that include one,” says Ken Lee, product manager at Kanguru. “Write protecting a drive protects the files stored within from corruption, infection, unauthorized changes and accidental deletion on any computer.”

Typical software write-protection tools enable write protection by making changes to the operating system registry; changes which can be undone by malware. The Kanguru UltraLock’s write protection switch disables write capability at the hardware level, making the drive impervious to malware attacks when enabled.

The compact, durable aluminum case, USB3.0 connectivity, TAA Compliance and huge capacities up to 4TB make this drive a perfect option for purchase by government organizations.

With the physical read/write switch enabled to read-only, the Kanguru UltraLock can be used on any public computer anywhere without the risk of contracting a virus, malware, or overwriting important files, an ideal option for travelers and students alike.  The new drive is available as a Hard Drive, or a Solid State Drive efficiency model.



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