Defender® USB 3.0 Secure Encrypted External Drives

Ultimate Secure Protection for Your Sensitive Data

Whether you're looking for a simple encrypted external USB drive, or a FIPS 140-2 Certified external hard drive, you will find it here. These devices are packed with powerful encryption features to protect and secure your sensitive data. Select models are FIPS 140-2 Certified for enterprise data protection. With AES 256-bit hardware encryption (XTS Mode) built right into the device, a remote management option, super speed USB 3.0 and World-Class onboard Anti-Virus protection by BitDefender®, there's simply no easier/faster way to encrypt your information from the threat of data theft or cyber-attack.  Designed for business organizations as well as home use, Kanguru Defender hard drives and solid state drives can be remotely managed, enabling business owners or administrators to wipe or delete drives remotely in the event it is ever lost or stolen. Schedule password updates, set up online permissions, and much more, from anywhere in the world!

Which Secure Drive is Best for You?

Compare Kanguru Defender® Secure USB Options

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On-Board Anti-Virus Subscription (AV)

Protect your Defender USB drive with on-board, real-time Anti-Virus updates by BitDefender®.


Secure Firmware

How Secure Firmware on Kanguru USB Helps Protect Organizations From Malware

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Secure Hardware Encryption For USB Drives

Learn more about the benefits of AES hardware encryption for secure USB drives.

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Looking for Standard External Hard Drives or SSDs Instead?

Although Kanguru offers world-class hardware encrypted USB drives to secure data, Kanguru also offers standard flash drives, hard drives and SSDs to meet any need and budget. Click here to see Kanguru's standard USB drives.

Standard External drives