Offering Online Convenience and Better Protection

The Kanguru On Board Browser is an application that allows you to access and surf the internet directly from your Defender USB drive just as you would any other browser, however, the On Board Browser provides the user with a more secure and trusted environment. The browser is included with all Kanguru Defender secure drives as a part of the new Command Console. It can be managed through local settings on the drive through the Command Console, or provisioned remotely by an Administrator using our Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™) for an organization’s fleet of multiple drives.

The objective of the On Board Browser is to provide the user with the ability to more safely use the internet under several protected conditions. Kanguru uses a FireFox portable web browser and is customized to function with Kanguru’s standards of privacy and data protection.

Kanguru On Board Browser provides a secure environment for online browsingWhile using the browser, all cookies, temporary files, and cached details used in the application will be saved to the current Kanguru Defender secure drive in local data storage instead of the host computer. All history, site information, and application data will not appear on the local computer, providing the user with a more private, easy to use internet browser from within the Defender encrypted storage drive.*

Benefits of Using The Kanguru On Board Browser

  • Use The Internet In a Safer Environment
  • Quickly Access Your Bank, Financial, Medical and Investment Accounts
  • Cookies, Temporary Files, Cached Details and History are All Stored on the Defender Secure Drive, Not on the Host Computer.
  • Provides All of the Features of the FireFox Browser


  • Defender 3000
  • Defender Elite300
  • Defender Elite30
  • Defender Bio-Elite30

    * Other devices will be added very shortly. Please check back again for updates.


    For New Customers:

    New Kanguru Defender drives will come standard with the On Board Browser available within the new Command Console.

    For Existing Customers:

    If you have an existing Kanguru Defender Drive, you will need to update your drive with the new Kanguru Command Console. The On Board Browser is an app available on the Command Console. Customers with existing drives can update their device(s) with the new Command Console by visiting the Command Console information page or>contacting Kangurufor more information.


    *Please note, the On Board Browser does not entirely create a safe browsing environment. Viewing compromised websites, clicking on unsafe ads and downloading infected files could still present certain risks. For more information on internet safety and safe practices, please see our blog, "Ten Superhero Ways To Protect Your Data From Getting Hacked”.