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Kanguru Defender® Secure, Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drives

All Kanguru Defender secure, hardware encrypted USB drives have onboard secure firmwareAll Kanguru Defender secure USB flash drives with hardware encryption are built with digitally-signed secure firmware impervious to the potential risk of malicious firmware-based attacks. Recent discoveries like "badUSB" have worried some organizations, but Kanguru's on-board, RSA-2048 secure firmware makes Defender® USB drives the most trusted, secure USB on the market to protect against these types of attacks. If your organization worries about any possibility of malware tampering through USB peripherals, you can be assured the Kanguru Defender® Series of secure USB drives provide a robust defense and can help secure the data along with helping to protect the organization.

In addition, with Kanguru Remote Management Console, (KRMC) organizations can even restrict what types of USB drives are allowed on their network, allowing only encrypted USB drives with secure firmware. All Kanguru Defender® secure USB drives are remotely manageable through KRMC as an optional feature.

Kanguru Defender secure flash drives with secure firmware
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Kanguru's Newest Unencrypted Secure Firmware Flash Drive - FlashTrust™

Kanguru FlashTrust, secure firmware USB flash driveNot in the market for high-end hardware encryption, but still want to be protected from malware tampering? Kanguru recently launched its newest unencrypted version of an RSA-2048 Bit secure firmware USB flash drive called the Kanguru FlashTrust. FlashTrust is the world's first unencrypted USB drive with on-board secure firmware, offering organizations the same level of firmware protection used in our trusted hardware encrypted devices. Using the same principle, if a third-party hacker were to try to tamper with the USB drive to deliver malware to a network, it would simply shut down, as it is consistently verified through a self-test on start-up.

Kanguru FlashTrust USB 3.0 with secure firmware
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Concerned about “badUSB?” Lock it out with secure firmware USB drives by Kanguru

Kanguru launches FlashTrust, its newest unencrypted version with the same RSA-2048 secure firmware as our trusted, secure, hardware encrypted USB drives. Protect your organization from any possibility of malicious attacks like "badUSB" by using trusted, Kanguru secure firmware USB drives.


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