FIPS 140-2 Certified | AES 256 Hardware Encryption | Kanguru Defender Opal SEDs

High-Speed Self-Encrypting SSDs Powered With Cigent® Data Defense™ and Data Defense Plus™ Technology

Kanguru introduces an exceptional new line of Self-Encrypting Drives designed to help organizations secure their data. Kanguru has partnered with Cigent®, to integrate additional cutting-edge endpoint protection into the suite of Kanguru Defender SED's. With FIPS 140-2 certification and military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption, all information stored on Kanguru Opal-Compliant solid state drives is highly secure. Cigent Technology adds advanced security capabilities via its Data Defense encryption and security platform.

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The Benefits of Using Kanguru Defender Opal SEDs

The Kanguru Defender Opal SED300 automatically locks itself when powered off, making all data stored within, including the OS, completely inaccessible.

Kanguru's military grade, AES 256-bit hardware encryption is applied to the entire drive, not just specific files or folders.

The Defender Opal SED can be unlocked from a secure pre-boot environment. The on-board Pre-boot Authenticator (PBA) allows an authorized user to unlock the drive with a password.

Once unlocked, the Defender Opal SED behaves like a normal SSD.

Kanguru Defender Opal SED300s are powered with Cigent Technology, the industry's leading provider of military and U.S. government secure SSD firmware, for exceptional data security.

Cigent's zero trust data protection provides advanced security capabilities built into the firmware to ensure only authorized users and processes have access to data.