This video demonstrates everything you need to know about using the Kanguru Command Console. Deep dive into the details regarding all aspects of how to navigate and use the Command Console on your Kanguru Defender encrypted drive. Whether the drive is your personal secure device managed by you, or managed by an IT Administrator at your organization, this video will walk you through all the details of using the Command Console.

Video Timeline:

00:00 Deep Dive: Everything You Need To Know About The Kanguru Command Console
00:11 The Interactive Menu
00:35 "About This Device" Screen
00:58 "Contact Info" Screen
01:20 "AntiVirus Endpoint Protection" Screen
02:17 "SSPM (Self Service Password Management)" Screen
02:55 "Onboard Applications" Screen
03:16 Launching and Using the Onboard Browser
03:41 "Settings" Screen
04:31 "Get Help" Screen
04:43 How to View and Access Your Encrypted Files
04:55 How to Log Out of Your Encrypted Drive

How To Update Your Defender Devices with Command Console:

To update your Defender encrypted drives, follow these instructions:

  • Visit the Kanguru Technical Support website
  • Click on "Software Downloads and Updaters
  • Download the following files pertaining to the drives you want to update. (others will become available soon. Check back for more updates as more drives will be rolled out soon.)
    • Defender Bio-Elite30 Updater
    • Defender Elite30 Updater
    • Defender HDD35 and SSD35 Update
    • Defender HDD350 and SSD350 Update

Visit the Kanguru Technical Support website

Kanguru Command Console: Deep Dive For Administrators

If you are an Administrator managing Kanguru Defender drives for your organization using KRMC, watch the next video to deep dive into all aspects of managing Defender drives with the Command Console. You have control to enable or disable certain permissions and services for the user, allowing or disallowing access to parts of the Command Console. This video will review:

  • Command Console features you can enable and disable in KRMC
  • The Onboard Browser
  • User Settings

Watch Kanguru Command Console: Deep Dive For KRMC Administrators