Additional Kanguru Flash Drive Caps

Size: Defender 3000 (CAP-KDF3000)
Sale price$3.00 USD

Product Summary

Protect your flash drive from dust & damage when not in use. You can purchase additional flash drive caps here. 


Did you know?

Most Kanguru USB stick dust caps can snap onto the back end of your flash drive! This is a convenient, easy way to store the cap while it is plugged in so it does not get lost.

 You can fit the flash drive cap onto the back of your flash drive

Kanguru Defender 3000 Cap Replacement Kanguru FlashBlu30 and Defender Elite200 Flash Drive Clear Cap


  • Defender 3000


  • Defender Elite300
    Defender Elite30
  • Kanguru SS3
  • FlashTrust


  • Defender Elite200
  • FlashBlu30


Kanguru Model #s:

Defender 3000 and Defender 2000:

  • CAP-KDF3000

Defender Elite300, Defender Elite30, Kanguru SS3, Kanguru FlashTrust:

  • CAP-E30E300SS3

Clear Cap For FlashBlu30 and Defender Elite200:

  • small housing ( #CAP-KDF-S)
  • large housing ( #CAP-KDF-L)

Defender 2000 Bronze Cap

  • small housing ( #CAP-KDF2000-S)
  • large housing ( #CAP-KDF2000-L)

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