Piracy is Becoming Rampant

In a hyper competitive world, everyone is out to get ahead. Some are even willing and unethical enough to steal from others. Piracy and online hacking is becoming rampant in this digital age. According to the Federal Trade Commission data security breaches committed against businesses accounted for 36% of all exposed private records, with another 16% being attributed to cyber attacks on banks and financial institutions. That’s nearly 300,000 individual records stolen from business and bank servers/data storage devices, leading to millions and millions of dollars lost by companies to clean up a mess that could have been avoided. Adding to this, as of 2013, the FTC also found that the chief complaint and concern of all consumers was potential identity theft. As data breaching continues to escalate so does the risk of being a victim.

For the sake of convenience and in the name of efficiency, the world started going paperless. In fact, companies like The Aberdeen Group and Price Waterhouse Cooper found in research conducted in 2009 that the space found in a 100GB disk drive could hold the same amount of information as 110 four-drawer filing cabinets. Downloading any and all client data on a company’s hard drives and private servers seemed like the best way to get the job done while clearing some space in the process. Storage space that was once reserved for bulky, clumsy old files and ledgers were finally able to be cleared. We reveled in the ability to digitize these records and free up some real estate. However, this convenience came with a price. Now someone with a computer, and some time, can hack into your company records and steal very valuable and very confidential information: social security numbers, credit card information, medical records; all are fair game to thieves.

Any company or organization in need of better, more effective data security now has an easy answer to all of their data management concerns; trust in Kanguru. Our Defender hard drives, USB flash drives, and solid state drives are second to none. Equipped with the latest in secure, encrypted software, our products will give your business the protection it needs to outflank online thieves at every turn. Don’t be on the defense, arm yourself with encrypted data security management technology. With products like the Kanguru Defender your most important data will be safe from prying eyes by utilizing the highest quality password-protected data storage products on the market. On top of our encrypted technology Kanguru drives are also assigned to the KRMC (Kanguru Remote Management Console) enabling IT administrators to guard sensitive company data to the fullest. With KRMC your IT managers can update passwords to your Kanguru USB drives, monitor use, and grant or restrict permissions. More importantly, should your employees ever lose or misplace their issued Kanguru drives, the information on these drives can be remotely wiped of all important data, to ensure your security needs are met, and your business is safe against hackers and thieving opportunists.

We at Kanguru don’t just develop the best secure data storage management devices for big businesses, either. We understand that small businesses owners and self-employed entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of the economy and run a high data breach risk as well. Kanguru provides flexible, scalable solutions for organizations large or small to fit any budget and need. To better help people in need of simple, yet safe, data protection we offer the Defender Elite30, a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 secure flash drive that is also remotely manageable. For organizations that don’t require encryption, but would like to protect a valuable network from any possibility of malware attack, Kanguru introduces FlashTrust, a secure firmware USB drive that protects networks from any possibility of malware tampering (known as BadUSB). Large international corporations aren’t the only businesses that need protection from data theft, and it’s important that small businesses also enjoy the level of security that big corporations do.

Data theft and server breaches are at an all-time high, however Kanguru is here to help prevent all the problems that follow a company-wide data breach that has been made victim by devious hackers. With the state of the economy—foreign and domestic—the last thing you need to concern yourself with is the potential for a data security breach, which can cost your organization millions in fines, credit protection and legal fees. To say nothing of how your organization’s reputation will suffer. There’s no reason you have to put up with the indignity of explaining to your investors that a simple mishap, or an especially persistent digital thief is responsible for a threat to their investment. OUR MESSAGE: If you work with sensitive customer or company information on portable data drives –

Save your organization from the despair and devastating costs of a harmful data breach. If your organization works with sensitive information:

  • Only use secure USB flash drives and hard drives
  • IT Administrators – make it a policy to require the use of secure, password-protected flash drives and hard drives- and use KRMC to ensure no unencrypted drives are used on your network to store data
  • If you do not work with sensitive data, but the potential of a malware attack from malevolent flash drives is a possibility, then only use Kanguru FlashTrust on your network. Organizations that use a software encryption module for endpoint security will see direct benefits with having whitelisted, encrypted (on network) USB drives with secure firmware from a trusted, U.S. based company.

Just one lost unencrypted drive with social security numbers can lead to a devastating data breach, costing millions and leading to distrust, reprimand, legal fees, credit protection costs, hefty fines and embarrassment.

  • With KRMC, if a Defender device is lost or stolen, it can be wiped and deleted immediately. End of story.
  • With KRMC, passwords can be immediately updated, permissions can be granted or restricted, and use can be monitored and reported worldwide by the administrator.

Arm yourself with the tools that will best prepare you for guarding against all the tech pirates out there in the world. Protect your interests and the interests of your clients by securing their data and yours with the best data management products available. Kanguru provides USB security solutions for organizations around the world, and they have trusted our USB solutions for many years. We know you need data security you can rely on and trust. That’s why Kanguru’s products are TAA Compliant, government certified, and can even receive virus-free certification by special request. You can trust in Kanguru.

To learn more about how the Kanguru Defender® Series and Remote Management could work for your environment or organization, please feel free to contact us.


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