Businesses, corporations, and educational institutions around the globe have been storing information from their customers, employees, students, and other personnel for decades. With recent advancements in technology and society’s dependence on the internet, the value of data has increased exponentially. The growth in the value of data has given rise to the need for data encryption and data security management.

When it comes to protection and securing valuable data of hundreds of thousands of students, educational organizations are no less vulnerable to data theft than a Fortune 500 company. In addition, the information stored by elementary schools is just as valuable as the information stored by colleges and universities throughout the world.

The amount of data gathered and stored by educational institutions is massive. Most universities, for example, can have upwards of 10,000 newly admitted students each year. That means 10,000 new identities and volumes of information being stored on the institution’s hard drives, not to mention the parent’s information above that figure. Add in the personal information of the university professors, faculty, staff and alumni and you have a colossal amount of data that, if breached, could severely damage the organization.

With the immense amount of information stored by just one university, it’s easy to see why all schools need to have data encryption and data security management technology in place to properly protect the information of their prized students and distinguished faculty.


So, what is the best data security strategy for educational institutions to fortify personal data?

When considering the catastrophic event a severe data breach could ensue, most people think of hackers stealing information through crafty programming and virus software much like is seen on Hollywood movies. Although this is true in many cases, detrimental data loss and data breach can also be attributed to device malfunction and employee error. In fact, it was found that the majority of security incidents and data breaches in 2014 were due to employee negligence. With the vulnerability of data at educational institutions and organizations in mind, Kanguru Solutions has developed the ultimate line of data encryptions products on the market that can take human error out of the equation, and put security top of mind.

Defender® Secure External Data Storage Drives & Flash Drives

The Defender® Secure Data Storage line of products has the answer to your data security needs. With both flash drives and external drives, there is a Defender that fits the need and budget of any educational organization.

Kanguru gives a number of options to educational institutions looking for secure data storage. There are four Defender® external drives:


And three Defender® Secure USB Flash Drives:


All Defender® secure data drives come with a number of useful and unique features. Onboard antivirus scanning, Super Speed USB 3.0, and powerful encryption are just some of the many features offered by these data storage devices. The Super Speed USB 3.0 allows for lightning fast data availability, migration, and storage, so you can access your data instantly. The powerful encryption features, such as AES 256-bit hardware encryption, add layers of security, ensuring the protection of your data.

For larger organizations and institutions that must meet and follow strict security policies, Kanguru offers FIPS 140-2 Certification on the Defender® SSD300, Defender® HDD300, Defender® 2000 flash drive, and Defender® Elite 200. With FIPS 140-2 certification, enterprise companies and large educational organizations can meet tough security regulations while reliably securing their data. In addition, Kanguru remote management Console (KRMC) is available for both Defender® external drives and Defender® secure USB flash drives. This gives users the ability to track, monitor, update, wipe, or disable their Defender® drive in the case of it being stolen or lost. The ability to also schedule password updates and set online permissions adds an additional protection against data breaches caused by employees.

For an educational institution, the importance of protecting student and faculty information cannot be stressed enough. As the value of data continue to rise, it is crucial for all educational institutions, whether it’s an elementary school or a university, to implement the most reliable data security measures available.

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