Can BYOD Work As A Secure Environment In The Age of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus and Data SecurityKanguru Blog: August 2020

The Age of Coronavirus has forced most businesses and organizations to rethink working from home and remote working.  Data security can often seem difficult to maintain with a variety of devices and computers used to access company data in so many different places.  Where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was once a highlight of conversation, Covid-19 seems to be reversing the trend to become - if you will - BYWDH (Bring Your Work Device Home).  BYOD has its advantages, but also has its risks.

Kanguru has a variety of convenient options for organizations looking for a solid solution that can help them enforce their security policies, maintain best practices as well as monitor their organization’s sensitive data in a BYOD environment. Yet these ideal solutions also provide users the convenience and freedom to conduct their business anywhere without cumbersome security hoops to jump through.

Kanguru Defender® Hardware Encrypted USB Devices

Kanguru provides an ideal, convenient BYOD model for remote users to access and work with the sensitive data they need anywhere, while organizations are able to maintain the robust security they need to protect their organization. The safest way to protect data is through automatic encryption on locally-stored, encrypted USB data storage. USB devices independent from the internet means that the data can in no way be accessed or breached by cyber-hackers.  Even if a user loses a secure USB storage drive, the AES 256-bit hardware encryption makes it impossible for a thief to break into it and steal the information.

By implementing Kanguru Defender® hardware encrypted USB devices, an organization can allow employees and staff to use the USB device(s) to conduct business, access information, store, and transfer data as a trusted USB device.  Since the encryption is automatic, data is always protected.  Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted USB devices also have built-in RSA-2048 digitally-signed secure firmware, making them virtually impossible to be used as a weapon by hackers who would want to infiltrate a vulnerable network with malware.


Onboard AntiVirus

Every Kanguru Defender® USB drive comes with optional real-time onboard Antivirus. Activating Antivirus prevents dangerous viruses, malware, or spyware from entering or corrupting the device from any machine, and is provided as a 1, 2, or 3 year subscription.


Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™)

If an organization would like to further increase data security policies by implementing the option of Kanguru Remote Management, IT Administrators and Security Officers can monitor, track, manage, and locate Kanguru Defender USB drives anywhere in the world.  Since the data is restricted solely to the encrypted USB drive itself under the password hardware encryption, the data remains safe in the hands of the user and independent of the internet, while the Administrator can monitor the use of the device, its location, force updates for passwords, and enforce the organization’s security policies through a secured channel over an internet connection.  Even if a user loses a USB device or it is stolen, the IT Administrator can choose to remotely disable or delete the device.  It’s a win/win for both the employee and the organization.

Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted USB drives and remote management offer an ideal solution for any industry in need of flexible, affordable, and easy to implement data security solutions.  It is ideal for Healthcare, Government, Enterprise, Military, Defense, Financial, Banking, Energy & Utilities, Non-Profits, Education, Research, SMBs and even for the home.


 In addition, Kanguru provides other ideal solutions for working from home:


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