How Kanguru Helps Organizations Improve Their Data Security

shifting sands of securing data in a changing environmentOrganizations are finding it difficult and costly to keep up with the ever-changing, shifting sands of data security. With the ebb and flow of new technologies coming and going, and the onset of recent events, it can be challenging to keep up and maintain an efficient, secure business.   Complex laws and regulations make it even more difficult, with a rising tide of industry fines and the fluctuating conditions of compliance, not to mention the complications of the new Coronavirus environment.

Kanguru is dedicated to providing organizations with convenient, secure, and affordable solutions for data storage and security so that they don’t have to worry about it.  With automatic encryption on all military-grade, Defender® AES 256 hardware encrypted USB data storage devices, onboard real-time AntiVirus scanning, remote management for IT Admins to monitor encrypted USB drives, and self-checking, digitally-signed secure firmware USB devices, Kanguru provides innovative and budget-friendly solutions for any type of organization around the world.

But Kanguru does more than just provide data security and data storage products, we work together, closely with organizations to help them find the best IT solution, and we've been doing it well for over 25 years. Our solutions are flexible to fit any type of business, so you can start small and build from there, or you can go Enterprise to provide plenty of room to expand. We provide secure devices from high-end, military-grade FIPS Certified USB for enterprise organizations looking to meet the strictest regulations, to commercial-grade, affordable data security options for SMBs and the home. We can even customize a tailor-made solution for organizations looking to meet specific needs.

See our full line of data storage options, and feel free to contact us to speak with one of our dedicated sales staff to discuss the best data security and storage options for your organization.


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