Kanguru and Cigent Launch Self-Encrypting, Secure SSD  Storage to Stop Ransomware and Data Theft


Kanguru and Cigent Launch Self-Encrypting, Secure SSD Storage to Stop Ransomware and Data Theft

Adds zero trust data protections as close to the data as possible - in files and  storage - to protect data from unauthorized access, malware, and advanced threats 


Sept 6, 2023, Millis, MA and Ft. Myers, FL –  Kanguru, the leader in encrypted data storage drives, and Cigent® Technology, Inc., the leader in zero trust data protections, today announced a partnership to bring full disk encryption to customers globally. The Kanguru Defender SED300™ Secure SSDs, powered by Cigent, have advanced security capabilities built into the firmware to ensure only authorized users and processes have access to data. Kanguru drives are AES 256 Self-Encrypting Drives, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated, come in internal PCIe  M.2 2280 NVMe and external USB storage, and are available in  512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities. 

Secure SSDs™, powered by Cigent, originally developed for U.S. government and military use,  are the world's first commercially available cyber-secure SSDs.  Secure SSD firmware implements key additional capabilities: 

  • Erasure verification
  • Malicious data access logs
  • Keep alive “heartbeat” software service to thwart circumvention attempts such as disabling protection services


Kanguru Secure SSDs are Cigent Ready, enabling the advanced security storage level features to  be invoked and managed with the Kanguru Data Defense software. Data Defense not only  enables the firmware features but also provides:

  • Full drive encryption with pre-boot authentication
  • Automated FIPS-mode configuration
  • Secure Vaults, protected partitions that are invisible until unlocked
  • Zero Trust File Access to ensure only trusted users and processes have access to protected files 


"The Kanguru Defender SED family of encrypted solid state drives is a true breakthrough that  challenges conventional thinking about data security," said Nate Cote, EVP at Kanguru. “We’re  thrilled to combine Cigent and Kanguru’s technology offerings to provide our customers with  revolutionary data defense.” 


Kanguru Defender SED’s offer secure data storage on military-grade hardware encrypted  devices, protecting against data breaches, brute-force attacks and more. 


“Today’s cyber threats are growing increasingly sophisticated and protecting sensitive data is  imperative,” said Tom Ricoy, CRO of Cigent. “The Cigent Ready Secure SSD™ program  ensures Kanguru drives are protected from endpoint attacks.” 


Kanguru Secure SSD Cigent Ready drives are available globally.  For more information on where to buy, visit Kanguru Where to Buy 


Learn more about Kanguru Defender FIPS 140-2 Self-Encrypting, Secure SSD with Cigent Data Defense.


About Cigent  

Cigent offers a new approach to data security for organizations of all sizes to stop ransomware  and data theft, as well as achieve compliance. Cigent protects your most valuable asset - your  data - against the most sophisticated adversaries. We protect data throughout its lifecycle via  prevention-based defenses embedded into storage and individual files. From decades of data  recovery, cybersecurity, and device sanitization experience, the experts at Cigent have developed  prevention methods beyond anything that exists today.  Cigent.com


About Kanguru 

Kanguru is a global leader in manufacturing high-security data storage products, providing a broad range of FIPS 140-2 Certified, AES 256-Bit hardware encrypted Defender® secure SSDs, flash drives, and hard drives. Additionally, Kanguru provides a fully-integrated remote management security platform to help organizations manage their secure Defender devices and enforce their security policies anywhere in the world with the Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™). As a TAA compliant manufacturer with convenient features like onboard antivirus, secure firmware, physical write protect switch and more, Kanguru stands out as a world leader in portable data security. For more information on Kanguru, please visit www.kanguru.com


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