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May 7, 2024

TAROX becomes official distributor of Kanguru Solutions in Germany

May 1, 2024

New Kanguru Defender Internal Self-Encrypting Hardware-Based SSDs Provide Optimum Data Security and Performance For Laptops and Tablets

April 19, 2024

PRO TECHnology To Showcase Kanguru’s Exceptional AES 256 Hardware Encrypted Devices and Duplicators at GISEC 2024

March 27, 2024

Kanguru Secure Firmware Helps Protect Sensitive Environments From Malware Attacks

January 29, 2024

Kanguru Expands Its Encrypted & Non-Encrypted Data Storage Line with New 512GB High-Capacity USB Flash Drives


October 17, 2023

Kanguru Releases An Enhanced NVMe SSD Duplicator for Large M.2 NVMe & M.2 SATA Technology Rollouts

September 6, 2023

Kanguru and Cigent Launch Self-Encrypting, Secure SSD Storage to Stop Ransomware and Data Theft

March 21, 2023

Kanguru's Technology Partner, Cigent, Develops Patent That Ensures Complete Erasure of Storage Drives and Endpoint Devices

January 18, 2023

Kanguru Defender LifePlanner Patented Password Manager Platform is a Secure Alternative to LastPass

January 5, 2023

Kanguru Expands Its Product Line with New USBtoCloud® Backup Option For Defender® Hardware Encrypted USB Drives


September 27, 2022

Kanguru Announces A Unique Security Platform for Customers to Easily Manage Their Personal Information - The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner

July 11, 2022

New FIPS 140-2 Certified, Hardware Encrypted External SSD by Kanguru Delivers Enhanced Data Security Storage For Both Windows And MacOS


October 15, 2021

Kanguru's New Partner, PRO TECHnology, Will Be Attending The Annual GITEX 2021 Trade Show in Dubai

September 1, 2021

Kanguru Announces Partnership With Dubai-Based IT Solutions Provider: PRO TECHnology

JUNE 24, 2021

Kanguru Solutions Wins Globee® in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards®

MARCH 23, 2021

Duplicate High-Volume M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs With KanguruClone™ And Easily Upgrade PCs To New NVMe Technology

JANUARY 21, 2021

Potential Loss of $220M In Bitcoin Shows Importance of Using Kanguru Remote Management & Password Reset


DECEMBER 1, 2020

Create A Secure Data Environment With Kanguru Defender® Encrypted USB Drives & KRMC™ Fully-Integrated Remote Management

MAY 13, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine Research Organizations Under Seige By Hackers, Kanguru Military-Grade, AES Hardware Encrypted USB Drives Can Help Protect Sensitive Data

APRIL 29, 2020

Kanguru Adds New 256GB High-Capacity Data Storage To Their Defender® Family of Encrypted Flash Drives

MARCH 19, 2020

Kanguru: Protecting Data In The New Remote World

JANUARY 30, 2020

Easily Upgrade or Rollout New Systems to High-Speed NVMe Technology With The New KanguruClone™ 4 M.2 NVMe SSD Duplicator


DECEMBER 5, 2019

Kanguru Leaps Over The Competition With A New OS Agnostic Encrypted Fingerprint Access Flash Drive

OCTOBER 15, 2019

Kanguru Launches The New UltraLock USB-C M.2 NVMe SSD With SuperSpeed+ Performance

MAY 2, 2019

Kanguru Wins Security Today, Govies 2019 - Government Security Platinum Award

APRIL 9, 2019

WetStone Technologies, Inc. Selects Kanguru as USB Hardware Partner for new Forensics Solution

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Organizations Trust Kanguru Secure Firmware USB Devices

JANUARY 9, 2019

Enterprise Security Names Kanguru Among Top Ten Encryption Solution Providers


DECEMBER 13, 2018

Kanguru Recognized Among Top Ten Encryption Solution Providers By Enterprise Security

NOVEMBER 15, 2018

Kanguru Launches Largest Capacity USB Flash Drive With Physical Write Protect Switch

NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Kanguru’s Secure Firmware USB Devices Help Protect Organizations From Malware Threats

OCTOBER 23, 2018

Kanguru Offers A Unique Hybrid Approach To Data Security With KRMC™

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Kanguru Attends Rugged World Information Technology Event In UK

JUNE 19, 2018

Market Adoption Rate For Encrypted SSD May Increase 50% - 2018

JUNE 14, 2018

Solid State Drive May See Increased Demand 2018

APRIL 30, 2018

Ten Superhero Ways To Protect Your Data From Getting Hacked

APRIL 18, 2018

Kanguru FIPS 140-2 Certified, Encrypted SSD Provides Robust Data Security for High-Security Organizations

MARCH 14, 2018

The Easy Way To Migrate Your Workstations To A New Operating System (OS)

FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Kanguru Remote Management Gets Even Better With The Release of KRMC-Enterprise 8

FEBRUARY 6, 2018

Kanguru Announces Ci Distribution As A New Distribution Partner in The UK


JULY 19, 2017

Kanguru Introduces New Hard Drive / SSD with Physical Write Protect Switch: Kanguru UltraLock™

MAY 31, 2017

Kanguru: Why Non-EU Organizations Can’t Afford To Ignore GDPR

MARCH 29, 2017

Kanguru Rolls Out Great New Features for Administrators Remotely Managing Encrypted USB

JANUARY 17, 2017

Kanguru Solves Data Duplication Needs for Growing Organizations


DECEMBER 6, 2016

Waterproof Defender 3000 Flash Drive by Kanguru Provides Top-Notch Data Security For Any Organization

OCTOBER 18, 2016

Kanguru: The One-Stop Solution for AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption and Fully-Integrated Remote Management

OCTOBER 13, 2016

Kanguru Expands Its Remote Management Solutions for Kanguru Defender AES Hardware Encrypted Data Devices

JUNE 9, 2016

Kanguru Enhances Its Remote Management Console: Fully-Integrated USB Security Administrative Platform

APRIL 14, 2016

Kanguru Introduces Endpoint Protector to Assist Organizations in Protecting Data & Infrastructure

FEBRUARY 10, 2016

Ironkey Assets Sold Off - Kanguru Stands As World’s Most Trusted Source for Fully-Integrated USB Hardware/ Software Security


DECEMBER 17, 2015

Convenient Password Recovery with the New Kanguru Self-Service Password Management for Secure USB

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Kanguru Introduces New FIPS 140-2, USB 3.0 Secure Flash Drive with Physical Write Protect Switch

JULY 15, 2015

Kanguru Adds New FIPS 140-2, USB 3.0 Secure Flash Drives to Defender Portfolio for Exceptional Data Security

APRIL 30, 2015

Kanguru Launches Microsoft-Certified, Windows To Go for a Complete OS Desktop on a Fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive

APRIL 15, 2015

New FIPS 140-2 Certified Hard Drive by Kanguru Brings Strong Data Security to a Whole New Level

MARCH 4, 2015

Kanguru Introduces 11-Target Hard Drive Duplicator Offering Exceptional Value


DECEMBER 3, 2014

Kanguru Becomes World's Only Common Criteria Certified Provider of Secure USB Flash Drives

OCT 16, 2014

Kanguru Remote Management for Secure USB Drives Offers Complete Global Control of Sensitive Data on Deployed Drives

SEPT 16, 2014

Kanguru’s Rock Solid USB Encryption Partners with Tresys Technology to Offer Top-Notch Data Security for Enterprise Clients

AUGUST 13, 2014

Kanguru Releases World’s First Unencrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive With Secure Firmware

MAY 8, 2014

New Kanguru Defender Elite30™ SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is Loaded with Security Features and Convenience

APRIL 14, 2014

New Kanguru FlashBlu30™ USB 3.0 With Physical Write Protect Switch Puts the “Flash” in “Flash Drive”

FEBRUARY 4, 2014

Kanguru Adds to its Robust, Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drives with the New Defender Elite200™


JULY 23, 2013

Kanguru Defender 2000 Achieves FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification

JUNE 19, 2013

A New Must-Have Financial Security Tool from Kanguru Solutions to Protect Online Banking, Will & Estate Planning

APRIL 30, 2013

Fast and Easy USB Duplication with Kanguru’s New Line of USB Duplicators

APRIL 30, 2013

Kanguru Solutions’ New Cloud Pro™ Upgrade Supports Up To Five Administrators For Remotely Managing Secure USB Drives

APRIL 9, 2013

Kanguru Adds Budget-Friendly, Remotely Manageable Secure Flash Drives to Defender Portfolio

FEBRUARY 26, 2013

Promark Technology Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blanket Purchase Agreement for Encrypted USB Flash DrivesUSB Device

JANUARY 24, 2013

Kanguru Announces Defender DualTrust: A Secure Browser and Encrypted USB Device


OCTOBER 24, 2012

Kanguru and Belhara Launch Powerful, Secure Remote Desktop Device

JULY 26, 2012

Kanguru Sues Imation for Trademark Infringement

JULY 19, 2012

The New SuperSpeed Kanguru SS3™ With Physical Write-Protect Switch: A USB3.0 Flash Drive With Handy File Protection

APRIL 12, 2012

Kanguru’s Secure, Easy-to-Use Remote Management System for USB Drives Upgrades to Version 5.0