Defender Secure USB Storage

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription License for protecting Defender hardware encrypted USB devicesKanguru Security Software Defender Anti-Virus Subscription
Sale priceFrom $7.95 USD
Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription
Part Number: KAV-RENEW xYR
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Kanguru Self-Service Password Management Security Software (SSPM)Kanguru Self-Service Password Management  (SSPM) for Defender Hardware Encrypted Drives
Sale priceFrom $6.95 USD
Kanguru Self-Service Password Management SSPM
Part Number: KAN-SSPM-xY
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Kanguru Flash Drive Cap ReplacementAdditional Kanguru Flash Drive Caps
Sale priceFrom $1.00 USD
Additional Kanguru Flash Drive Caps
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Kanguru Defender SSD 35 AES 256-Bit hardware encrypted solid state driveback panel of Defender SSD 35 secure solid state drive
Sale priceFrom $229.95 USD
Kanguru Defender SSD 35™
Part Number: KDH3B-35-xx SSD Series
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Kanguru UltraLock SSD with Secure Firmware and a physical write protect switch
Sale priceFrom $99.95 USD
Kanguru UltraLock SSD USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive
Part Number: U3-2HDWP-xxS Series
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The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner is a unique, ideal data security solution for protecting all of your personal informationEnter as much personal information as you want into your Defender LifePlanner. You can enter your investments, organize your funds, save account numbers and contacts, show appointments in the calendar, use the Percentage Calculator and more. All of your information will remain secure under AES 256-Bit hardware encryption.
Sale priceFrom $99.95 USD
Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™ Secure, Personal Life Organizer
Part Number: KLPBE30-xxG
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