Defender Secure USB Storage

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription License for protecting Defender hardware encrypted USB devicesKanguru Security Software Defender Anti-Virus Subscription
Sale priceFrom $7.95 USD
Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription
Part Number: KAV-RENEW xYR
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Kanguru Self-Service Password Management Security Software (SSPM)Kanguru Self-Service Password Management  (SSPM) for Defender Hardware Encrypted Drives
Sale priceFrom $6.95 USD
Kanguru Self-Service Password Management SSPM
Part Number: KAN-SSPM-xY
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Kanguru Flash Drive Cap ReplacementAdditional Kanguru Flash Drive Caps
Sale priceFrom $1.00 USD
Additional Kanguru Flash Drive Caps
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Kanguru Defender SSD 35 AES 256-Bit hardware encrypted solid state driveback panel of Defender SSD 35 secure solid state drive
Sale priceFrom $199.95 USD
Kanguru Defender SSD 35™
Part Number: KDH3B-35-xx SSD Series
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Kanguru UltraLock SSD with Secure Firmware and a physical write protect switch
Sale priceFrom $119.95 USD
Kanguru UltraLock SSD USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive
Part Number: U3-2HDWP-xxS Series
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