Kanguru Security Products: Beyond Just Protecting Data

Kanguru's security products are built with the best protections available to secure the data within, but we do not stop there. Kanguru leaves no stone unturned by providing protections against other threats like malware that may be looking to induce more damage than just trying to steal data. Learn how Kanguru provides RSA-2048 Secure Firmware on both encrypted and non-encrypted drives to eliminate the threat of "badUSB" to energy and utility companies around the world.

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Kanguru's Products & Solutions

Kanguru is a global leader in providing certified hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, hard drives, and other portable USB storage devices, remote management applications, data duplicator equipment and more. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level of quality secure products and services to our customers world-wide to help meet their specific data protection, storage, and data duplication needs.

Secure Encrypted flash drives (also known as pen drives, usb sticks, thumb drives, or flash keys) can be used with Kanguru remote management to assist organizations in meeting tough data security compliance regulations, while providing a convenient, robust solution for securing portable and mobile data around the world.

Kanguru Duplicators provide organizations with a quick, convenient way to duplicate or clone hard drives, solid state drives, DVDs, CDs, and USB flash drives.

Standard USB Drives: Kanguru also offers a line of unencrypted flash drives, including the FlashTrust, secure firmware USB flash drive that protects against malware threats like badusb.